10 Best Gaming Laptops Under Rs 90000 in India 2023

10 Best Gaming Laptops Under Rs 90,000 in India 2023

Today I’ve compiled a list of 10 best gaming laptops that are available for purchase in India under the Rs 90,000 mark. Which is enough to fetch one a decent gaming laptop that can handle a bunch of other tasks at hand as well offering overall performance benefits with added bonus of mobility and solid build quality.

Before I move ahead I’d like to lay down  a few basic points as on what basis the laptops have been chosen since we are talking about a substantial investment here :

Things Kept in Mind While Making This List

In 2020 around July end.

1) The graphic card should be around 1650 , 1650ti , 1660 Ti or even better RTX 2060 6GB.

2) Screen refresh rate should be 144Hz or 120Hz , with IPS panel priority. Although some have LED screen.

3) A good SSD is a must , for faster boot times as HDD get slow with time.

4) We tried to find Ryzen 5-4600H for more , as it can even compare to i7 , but there’s a mix of intel and Ryzen in the list.

5) Decent RAM , Backlit keyboard , Good Built Quality have been prioritized.

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Best Gaming Laptops Under Rs 90,000

1 HP Omen

 ( Ryzen 5 4600H , 1660ti , 512 GB SSD , 8 GB RAM , IPS display 45% NTSC )

There are just so many great laptops out there , we just need a bit of research. That’s how I find these hidden gems.

1) Now , tell me where else you can find Ryzen 5 & 1660ti at this price.

2) Apparently this might be our number one pick only if the display (60 hz) and battery would have been tad better. Like a better refresh rate maybe.

3) Talking more , built quality is quite decent and thermals are great on this laptop , which means less heating. Yay! Yay!

4) This laptop is often compared with ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 which is way better than this HP omen pick talking about the screen , build quality etc but it’s a bit more pricey and can get out of your budget.

If your bummed by 60 hz screen then you can also check out Hp Omen 144 hz , but it’s a bit more pricey.

Only if the Refresh Rate was better on this one!!!

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2 ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DV

( The Best Laptop Right Now with RTX 2060 6GB , Ryzen 7-3750H , 16GB RAM , 512GB NVMe SSD , 120Hz Refresh Rate ,  IPS-level Panel 45% NTSC )

The market is very dynamic with new beast laptops launching every months , out dating the older ones quickly. This laptop from ASUS will blow your mind away with awesome features at this price.

This is the best pick right now , the one that I would buy for myself.

Main this are that Asus as a laptop brand has taken the Indian market by storm and laptops are a true beast. Let’s talk about some of it’s features.

1) It comes equipped with RTX 2060 6GB Graphics card at this low price , which you probably won’t find in another laptop in this price range.

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2) It comes with storage expansion options and RGB ofcourse.

3) Works well with most AAA games , as you expect of RTX 2060 6GB. Make note that trackpad is quite big and very smooth.

4) You will like the sturdy built quality.

5) The one con is that Ryzen 7-3750H , will bottleneck RTX 2060 6GB.

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3 HP Pavilion Gaming

( Ryzen 5-4600H , 512GB SSD , 8GB RAM , 144Hz , 1650ti 4GB , IPS display )

Although it’s a 1650ti and not a 1660ti  , I agree but this is what we have now from HP in this price range. I am hoping that they will launch 1660ti variant soon.

1) The best thing about this laptop is that you get Ryzen 5 with 144Hz refresh rate in a laptop with price under 80k.

2) I will say that the thermals are better as compared to Dell G5 gaming and few other laptops , these HP gaming have increased air flow and larger effective outlet area just at the bottom front.

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3) It has 6 cores of processing power , coupled with 8GB DDR4 RAM , which can be expanded upto 16GB.

4) All in all this laptop gives tough competition to our ASUS pick above considering the stark difference in price and some awesome features which you might not find in any other laptops.

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4 Lenovo Legion Y540

( i5 9th Gen , 8GB RAM , 1TB SSD , 6GB GTX 1660 Ti , 144Hz , IPS Panel )

1) With 1 TB SSD , you can expect some pretty fast boot times and all programs running efficiently. This laptop has amazing design.

2) The problem with this laptop is that it might warm up and battery drain a bit quick with intensive gaming. So mind that.

3) 144 Hz refresh rate and GTX 1660Ti (6GB) are 2 of the main factors that keep this laptop in the race of gaming laptop in our list with a price under 90k for now.

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4) Powered with Dolby Atmos speakers and backlit keyboard , I mean most people just use a good gaming headphones and never need laptop’s inbuilt speakers. But still you have it here.

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5  Acer Nitro 7

(1660 Ti , 8GB RAM ,  9th Gen Core i5 , 1TB SSD , 144 Hz , IPS display 72% NTSC )

Again the stand out factors GTX 1660 Ti 6 GB Graphics plus 144 Hz refresh rate. Although 9th Gen Core i5 might be a bit of bottleneck. Just a bit of heating issues.

Well this laptop has some crazy stats and a bit more pricey than our above picks , that’s why it’s at number 5 in our list.

As you can see the 144 hz screen and the 1660 Ti graphic card , that’s already a match made in heaven for most gamers.

Here we have 1 TB SSD again like in our Lenovo Legion Y540 pick above , seriously if you are a fan of SSD than this the way to go. This really gives makes boot ups and all programs faster.

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This laptop is said to look great with metallic lid and overall build quality is decent , depending on your expectation.

IPS display 72% NTSC which is better as compared to many others in the list.

Few things like battery capacity , thermals can be improved. But so can be with all other laptops.

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6.  ASUS TUF Gaming A15

( Ryzen 5 4600H , 144Hz , 1650Ti 4GB Graphics , 8GB RAM , 1TB HDD + 256GB NVMe SSD ,  IPS-level Panel 45% NTSC)

The combo this time is 1650Ti 4GB Graphics plus 144Hz refresh rate.

With that said this is our second ASUS TUF pick in the list , some people may say that it’s an overpriced laptop. Maybe it is , pricing are always fluctuating.

The other unique thing about this laptop is 1TB HDD + 256GB NVMe SSD combinations , while SSD gives ample speed for programs that need fast processing. HDD gives you enough flexibility for file storage.

Ryzen 5 4600H , still going strong. Some people found it even better than the i7 in benchmarks. The keyboard lights are beautiful with RGB stuff.

Overall , I will say it’s a decent pick for this price point.

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7  Asus ROG Strix G 

( GTX 1650 4GB , 16 GB RAM , 512 GB SSD , 120 Hz Refresh Rate , LED Display )

You might be thinking that this laptop should be way above in the list and maybe you are right!

But one sad point note worthy is that this laptop comes with an LED display and not an IPS one , let me tell you that IPS display has better color and viewing angles.

While the refresh rate is 120 hz , which sounds good but not as good as our 144 hz picks above. Especially from Lenovo and HP.

Some might also argue that while GTX 1650 4GB is great , but still inferior than our 1660ti and 1650ti picks above.

One unique thing that this laptop comes with 16 GB RAM which you don’t see in most options above. So if you are considering ASUS ROG , this might be for you.

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(New Pick)8 MSI Alpha 15

(AMD R7-3750H , 16GB RAM , RX5500M GDDR6 4GB , 1TB + 256 SSD ,  120Hz IPS-Level )

Well we know MSI support hasn’t been top notch in India , but if you are still looking for a pick from MSI in this price range. Then currently this is the one.

This comes with a AMD R7-3750H and 120 Hz of screen refresh rate. Now you might think that 120 Hz sounds close to 144 Hz and there shouldn’t be much difference. But there is quite difference , 144 Hz is quite another level.

This laptop does have a superior build quality and is made for utmost fun , with good keys and strong audio quality.

You can be assured in performance RX5500M GDDR6 4GB + AMD R7-3750H are capable enough for most of your AAA games.

MSI dragon center works like a charm , thermals are good too. Plus it comes with an Ethernet program which might get you better internet speeds.

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9 ASUS TUF Gaming (FX505DT) Laptop:

( 120Hz , Ryzen 5-3550H , 8GB RAM , 1TB HDD + 256GB PCIe SSD , IPS-level Panel 45% NTSC )

One of the lowest price options in the list with decent features.

The CPU model is AMD Ryzen 5-3550H with a base speed of 2.1 GHz to 3.7 GHz. The speakers face downwards , so you might not enjoy sound much without headphones.

RGB backlight keyboard with highlighted ‘WASD’ keys. It has 8 GB of DDR4 RAM with a bus speed of 2400 MHz

This laptop is made of plastic type material , which also helps in keeping it lightweight and easy to carry.

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Added to that, this one has 1 TB of HDD and 256 GB of SSD storage space. The display of this monitor comes with a 120Hz refresh rate.

You might find fans a bit loud sometimes , although thermals can be considered average only. Trackpad can be improved.

On top of this, you will get an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GDDR5 (4GB VRAM) graphics card. Which is decent for this price.

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10 Acer NITRO 5

( 144 Hz , 1660 Ti , 256 GB SSD , i5 9th Gen , 8 GB RAM , LED Display )

This will be the last laptop for our line up , which was hard to find. That is another laptop with deadly combo of 144 Hz and 1660 Ti.

Where else do you find these many gaming laptops with these amazing update features. Only at Shubz.in , nowhere else.

Now , the con with this laptop is that it’s an LED screen. It would have been great if it would have been an IPS panel.

There is quite a lot of red theme going on this laptop , might be to your liking or not. With 256 GB SSD , which has Windows 10 installed. Boot time is quite fast.

Thermals might be a issue if your gaming intensively. Keep the power in balanced mode to keep the heating in check , as it might effect the life of your laptop.

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Sum Up

I have down around 48 hours of research on various forums , searched through 50 plus laptops and picked these 10 gems with amazing features for today July 2023

As you know newer models might come out tomorrow and these models may get outdated pretty quick. My suggestion is go from top to bottom of this list and think deeply which laptop or brand are comfortable with most.

Does Color Accuracy Matter?

I would say only if your doing professional work of color editing , working at a CGI studio. Otherwise not much , in this budget these are best picks one can get for now.

If your coming from a potato laptop then you will find huge positive change in these latest laptops.

I will recommend buying an addition monitor for deep professional work.

Good Luck!

Feedback is appreciated in the comments!

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