How To Activate-Deactivate Value Added Service VAS in Vi

Activate- Deactivate Value Added Service VAS in Vi

Activate – Deactivate Value Added Service VAS in Vi In this article, we will be showing you the process to manage all your Vi VAS (Activate & Deactivate) using the official Vi app, sending SMS and online. So please Read this article carefully if you want Deactivate or activate VAS service in your Vi sim & follow the Below instruction .

How to activate VAS in your Vi

If you want To activate, Send the message to 155223 to receive a list of content categories and reply with the category number to get the list of services. You can then reply with the selected service number to send activation request. Activate – Deactivate Value Added Service VAS in Vi

how to Activate VAS from Vi App:

  1. Download the Vi mobile app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Install the Vi application and open it.
  3. Log in to the app by entering your Vi number.
  4. find the VAS option in the main menu.
  5. Select the VAS service you want to activate.
  6. Confirm & activate

Vi (VAS) Value Added Service List:

  • Vi VAS Names
  • Vi Caller Tunes And Hello Tunes
  • Vi Profile Tunes
  • Vi Movies And TV
  • Vi Voice Chat
  • Vi Star Talk
  • Vi Services
  • Vi Games
  • Vi Astrology
  • Vi Name Tunes
  • Vi Do It Yourself
  • Vi Sports
  • Vi USSD Codes List
  • Vi Contests
  • Vi Conference Call
  • Vi DND Services

How to deactivate VAS by sms in Vi

You can pick any one to manage your Value added services

1.)Simply download our new Vi App & manage your services online

2.)Type “STOP” and send it to 155223 from your mobile phone

You will get a list of all VAS services activated on your mobile number

Now reply back with the option of the VAS you want to deactivate, selected from the list of VAS activated on your phone

You will receive an SMS informing the receipt of your deactivation request (with the name of VAS) that the service will be deactivated within 4 hours

After actual deactivation of VAS, you will receive a n SMS to confirm that the service (with the name of VAS) has been deactivated.

How to deactivate VAS From IVRS mode in Vi

  • n each State, the IVRS is available with an option of minimum 2 languages – English and the dominant language of the state.
  • On dialing 155223, you will be offered over a recorded announcement, the list of VAS activated on your mobile number. e.g. “…welcome to XYZ Telecom Ltd….to Stop Caller Tunes Press 1, to Stop Cricket Alert press 2…… to repeat press 0…” (in case Caller Tune and Cricket Alert are active)

  • You can select the VAS to be deactivated, by pressing the appropriate key for the VAS to be deactivated. e.g. “to deactivate Cricket Alert, you shall press 2.”
  • You will receive an SMS informing that the request to deactivate the VAS has been received; it will be deactivated within 4 hours.
  • After deactivation of the VAS, another SMS confirming the deactivation of VAS will be sent to you.


Note if you want to stop a particular VAS service through SMS then read the Article above to find the deactivation SMS codes & the number on which the SMS will be sent. after read that article you will get best method to deactivate VAS service in your Vi sim. I hope u like this post

So please share it with your friends and your social media network. if you have any query regarding to this post & service so please drop the comment in comment Box. We will defiantly help you.

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