Airtel SIM Mobile Number Check Codes 2023

Airtel SIM Mobile Number Check Codes

Airtel SIM Mobile Number Check Codes. To Know Airtel Phone Number. Many people frequently ask a common question like How to Check Airtel Number? well, here you will read the best answer to this question. If you are a new airtel user or recently switched from another network then you probably search for Airtel Number Check Code and your search will end here if you read this full article.

Airtel is India’s most popular telecom and broadband service provider network in India as well as in other host countries. If you are using an Airtel network sim or recently have taken the new prepaid connection.

Airtel  Number Check Codes
Airtel  Number Check Codes

Airtel  Number Check Codes

In the case of the Airtel network, you can use *121*1# | *121*9# | *282# ussd codes to check your Airtel sim mobile number. For more details related to Airtel network used codes, you can check out the list of Airtel network ussd codes. If you are using any other network operator number then you can check out our number check used codes List, where you can find all network number check codes.

Airtel Number Check Code is *282# OR *121*1# OR *121*9# OR *121*51#

There are four USSD used to know your Airtel Mobile Number Follow:

Airtel Number Check Code *282#
Airtel Mobile Phone Number check used code *121*1#
Airtel SIM Number Check *121*9#
Airtel Mobile Number Check Code *121*51#

Airtel Own Number Check By Calling Customer Care

This method is easy for those people who do not know how to operate a phone. You just need to call the airtel customer care number and ask the company to tell you your mobile number. To make the process even easier and fast, follow the steps below:

  1. Dial the number 121 and make a call.
  2. Select your comfortable language.
  3. Press the number 9 to talk to the customer care executive. (The number to get your call connected to the customer care executive sometimes changes).
  4. Ask the airtel executive to tell your airtel sim mobile number.
  5. The customer care executive after verifying your details will tell your number.
  6. Note down your phone number for future use.
  7. Done.

How to know your own Airtel Number using Airtel Number Check Code (USSD Code)

The easiest method available to find your own Airtel Number is to use the Airtel Number Check Code. You can follow the steps given below and you will have your Airtel Number in no time.

  1. Dial *282# from your Airtel SIM of which you are looking the number.
  2. After dialing the above number, you will receive a Flash Message mentioning your Airtel Mobile Number.
  3. Note down your Airtel Mobile Number.


  1. Dial *121*2# from your Airtel SIM of which you are looking the number.
  2. You will receive your Airtel Number in an instant message after dialing the given number.
  3. Note down your Airtel Number.

How To Download My Airtel App

My Airtel Android App for Smart Phone Users You can also use the My Airtel app for all above mention services for your airtel mobile and you need to do this download app from the Google app store.

  • Download the app
  • Register your number in the app
  • Tap on the account and it brings up options including account balance, dth balance, and other exclusive offers.

How to Check Airtel SIM Number?

You can check your Airtel Mobile Phone Number following the below process:-

  • Dial *282# to Check your own Airtel Mobile Number
  • Dial *121*1# to Check Airtel Mobile Number Number
  • Dial *121*9# to Check Airtel Own SIM Number
  • Dial *121*51# to know your Airtel Number.

Checking Airtel Number Online

To check your Airtel number online, download the Airtel Thanks app on your smartphone. Once downloaded, log in to the Airtel Thanks app. You will see your Airtel mobile number listed on the top right corner of the screen.

Airtel Thanks app will also show all the information related to your Airtel accounts, such as balance, validity, plans, offers, and more. Users can also recharge their Airtel number using the Airtel Thanks app and get multiple benefits.


In an article we shared All Airtel USSD Codes List, where you will get your main balance check, internet data balance check, SMS check, Best Offer Check, Loan & Recharge offer ussd codes. We Shared About Airtel Number Check USSD Code To Know Airtel Phone Number & more. Please do share this post with your social media friends.

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