The Best USB-C Cables for 2023

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Dear Readers in this Article, we will share with you, Best USB-C cables for charging and transferring data for 2023, The main component which is needed for performing all these functions is a USB cable. it is safe to say that USB Type C has become the industry standard for phone makers.

USB-C is a reversible cable standard designed for charging and transferring data between devices. Some USB-C cables can only support USB 2.0 speeds, whereas others support Power Delivery and USB 3.1 Gen 2.


Best USB-C cables for 2023

Check out our complete side-by-side review to see which USB-C cable came out on top. So, if you need a charging Type C cable for under Rs 1,000, these are the best options right now.

USB-C offers the opportunity for fast charging and higher data transfer speeds. Best USB-C Cables for Charging and Data Transfer

Apple Thunderbolt 3

Apple Thunderbolt 3

The Apple Thunderbolt 3 cable is a USB-C lead that supports USB 3.1 Gen 2 data transfer. It is 0.8m long, the optimal length for performance.

This cable boasts data transfer speeds of up to 5,000MB/s when using a Thunderbolt 3-compatible device.This means you can transfer high-resolution 4K videos incredibly fast, as well as other media and files.



The AINOPE USB-C to USB-A supports 3.1A fast charging when connected to a QC/AFC protocol rapid charger with a USB-A port. This cable is widely compatible with many devices,

including the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, LG ThinQ, Nintendo Switch, and more.This cable has been designed with a 90-degree angle so you can comfortably continue to use your devices while on charge.

Google USB-C to USB-A

Google USB-C to USB-A

The Google USB-C to USB-A is a simple, no-frills charging cable compatible with devices that feature a USB-A connection. This charging cable outputs at 3A, ideal if your device is fast charge-compatible.

The Google USB-C to USB-A is a durable cable with reinforced rubbery plugs so you can take it with you in your bag.

Cable Matters 6-foot USB C cable

Cable Matters 6-foot USB C cable

it’s hard to beat Cable Matters 6-foot USB-C cable. The cable can do it all and do it all well (well, almost) from charging at up to 100 watts, transferring data from your USB 3.1 SSD, or running a monitor.

The only area where it doesn’t excel is in Thunderbolt performance, which is limited to 20Gbps.

Belkin USB-IF Certified 2.0 USB-A to USB Type C

The Belkin Type-A to Type-C cable offers 3A charging and can transfer data at USB 2.0 speeds. It is four feet long and is a good option if you aren’t looking for speedy charging or data transfer.

Anker Power Line

Anker Power Line
Best USB-C Cables for 2022

Anker is renowned for its accessories in the market, and the Power Line Type C cable is one of them. The company claims this cable will last you five times longer than regular cables you can buy. Its wide compatibility means you can use it with MacBook, Nexus phones, OnePlus devices, and more.

boAt Type C A325

boAt Type C A325

Type C A 325 offers universal compatibility with smartphones, tablets, PC peripherals, Bluetooth speakers, power banks and all other devices with Type C port It dons premium braided skin that makes it sturdy,

and invincible against external damage With 10000+ Bends Lifespan the cable stays stronger and lasts longer Its flexible design offers the user a tangle-free experience. date of purchase.

Best USB-C Cables for 2022 (FAQ):

Which company Type C cable is best?

  • AmazonBasics USB Type-C to USB-A 2.0 Male Cable.
  • Mi Braided USB Type-C Cable.
  • Mivi 6 Feet Type C Cable.
  • Mi 2-in-1 USB Cable.
  • boAt Indestructible USB Type-C to USB-A 2.0 Male Cable

Are all USB-C cables the same?

No, not all USB-C cables are equal. USB-C stands for the shape and type of connector, which is the same for all USB-C cables but not all cables support the same kind of protocols and transfer speeds.

What is a good USB cable brand?

We like the Anker PowerLine II USB-C to Lightning Cable (3 feet) best for on-the-go charging.

What does a Type-C cable look like?

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