10 Best Video Chat Apps for Android 2023

Hello Dear Friends in this post you will check out the 10 Best Video Chat Apps for Android 2023, Video calling is about as easy as it can possibly get these days. You can do it on computers, mobile devices, and even tablets. There are lots of video chat apps available on Android. However not all video calling apps were made equal. So we have compiled some of the best video calling apps for Android phones and free video chat apps.

Video chat apps use the magic of the internet to bridge those physical gaps. They’re especially useful for the big events we can’t justify going to for one reason or another. we can instantly interact with any person face-to-face with just a few taps on our phones. High-speed video calling is a fitting testament to the extent to which technology has touched our lives.

Best Video Chat Apps for Android

There are plenty of options available for those looking to video chat with their friends or family. There are various other video calling apps available in the Play Store

WhatsApp Messenger

Meta-owned WhatsApp Messenger is by far one of the best video chat apps for Android for various reasons. One, WhatsApp is very popular with over 2 billion users. The instant messaging app has raked over five billion downloads on the Google Play Store alone.So if you want to video call a friend with a smartphone, they probably have WhatsApp.

It’s easy to use. Just tap the Calls tab, select the New call button, then tap the Video Call button on a contact you wish to video call. Alternatively, you can open a WhatsApp chat with a contact and tap the Video Call button at the top. Group video calls are available, although they only support a maximum of eight people. Here’s everything you need to know about WhatsApp video calling.

Facebook Messenger


Messenger is yet another app from Meta that does more than allowing you to chat with friends. You can also call video call your friends and family via Facebook Messenger. The app is also popular, just like WhatsApp, but what makes it easier to recommend is the number of users thanks to its close link with Facebook.

While that makes it easy to find your friends, Facebook Messenger has its downsides. One of which is the availability of ads for an instant messaging platform. Besides that, though, it’s a great app for video calling on Android. To make a call on Facebook Messenger, either search for a contact using the search bar at the top or simply select an existing chat thread to open. Once you’re in the chat thread, tap the Video Call icon at the top right.

Download: Messenger

Google Duo

Google Duo is a simple app that allows you to make calls on Android. Unlike other apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, which try to do a little of everything, Google Duo primarily focuses on audio and video calling. It works across Android and iOS and packs lots of features.

If you love making group video calls, Google Duo supports up to 32 people. It has a low light mode, a feature that improves your visibility in low light or poor lighting conditions, and a Family Mode, which hides in-call controls to prevent kids from accidentally ending or muting an ongoing call. Google Duo’s Family Mode has a number of special effects, too.

To video call using Google Duo, launch the app and tap New call, select a contact you want to call, then tap the Call button on the next page.

Download: Google Duo

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger from the non-profit Signal Foundation is another excellent app for video calling on Android. Signal offers high-quality video calls like other apps on the list, which makes it easy to recommend. It has mainly garnered its reputation due to its security, thanks to the open-source Signal Protocol.

You can liken Signal to WhatsApp since you mainly have to have someone saved in your contact list to be able to talk with them. It also includes other must-have features like group chats and voice calls.

Video calling on Signal is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is select a contact and tap the Video Call icon in the top right. You may be asked to grant the app necessary permissions. Once done, tap Start Call.

Download: Signal Private Messenger


Besides enabling you to make video calls, you can also Viber to text and voice call your contacts. Viber supports group calls like other apps on this list, and the maximum number of participants is 20 people, which is solid relative to most apps on the list. It also offers a whole host of other features, including group chats and self-destructing messages.

To video call on Android using Viber, open the app, select Calls, and find a contact you wish to chat with. Next, tap the Video Call icon adjacent to the contact. Alternatively, you can open a chat thread and tap the Video Call icon in the top right.

Download: Viber


Although the gaming community mainly uses Discord, its applications go beyond one specific niche. It is primarily centered around shared interests where like-minded folks can hang out, exchange ideas, and more. Discord has a good customer base as well and includes a video calling functionality built-in.

You can call a friend via Discord by going to their profile and tapping the Video Call button in the top right. Remember, before you can video call someone on Discord, they must be your friend. Otherwise, Discord will show you a Send Friend Request pop-up first.

Check our article on Discord tips and tricks to get the most out of the platform.

Download: Discord


Skype is one of the oldest platforms for making video calls across multiple platforms, including Android. Skype is simple to use, and it boasts a variety of features, including all the essentials needed for any modern messaging platform. It also supports voice calling, which is handy when you’re feeling camera-shy or haven’t fixed that messy room yet.

You can make group video calls with up to 25 people and even host meetings. The app also allows you to call regular numbers locally and internationally at a fee.

IMO free Android video call and chat

IMO is a simple video chat app for Android, which is great for making free video and voice calls over 2G, 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connections. It is cross-platform and compatible with both iOS and Android. Besides text, voice, and video calls, the app doesn’t come with a lot of features. However, it is a trusted app as it provides complete encryption to messages and calls.

Best Video Chat Apps (FAQ):

What is the best app for video chat?

  • Best Overall Video Chat App: Zoom.
  • Best for iPhone Users: Facetime.
  • Best for International: WhatsApp.
  • Best for Android: Google Duo.
  • Best for Families: Facebook Messenger.
  • Best for Work: Skype.
  • Best in App Games: Houseparty.
  • Best for Teenagers: Snapchat.

What is the best app for free video calls?

  1. Google Duo.
  2. Skype (Best android video chat app for work)
  3. Viber.
  4. IMO free Android video call and chat.
  5. Facebook Messenger.

What is the safest video chat app?

WhatsApp Messenger

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