BSNL APN Settings for High Speed Internet 2023

BSNL APN Settings for High-Speed Internet

BSNL APN Settings for High Speed Internet .Hello, guys if you are a BSNL Sim user & your internet speed Experience is Slow. This Article for you. you need to change some internet settings after that you will get easily use BSNL internet Fast speed 4G. changing your default internet setting to the fastest BSNL apn setting provided in this article.

How To Increase Net Speed In BSNL With APN Settings

  1. Open mobile Settings app
  2. Click on ‘Network & Internet’ and find ‘Mobile network’ menu.
  3. Now go to ‘APN’ (Access Point Names) menu
  4. Click on create new APN.
  5. Below is the BSNL network APN setting.

Name: BSNL
APN: bsnlnet
Proxy: Blank
Port: 8080
Username: Blank
Password: Blank
Server: Not set
MMSC: Blank
MMS Proxy: Blank
MMS Port: 80
APN Protocol: IPV4/IPV6
APN: Enable
APN type: default, supl

BSNL APN Settings for High Speed Internet
BSNL APN Settings for High-Speed 4G Internet

How to install BSNL APN settings manually?

These are the standard BSNL APN settings for data cards and other devices also. You can set this manually for BSNL 4G activation at any time by tapping the settings option, and the presented installation guide will help you a lot to do the same.

  • Open the home screen of the mobile.
  • Click on the Menu button.
  • Tap the Settings.
  • Click on Mobile networks.
  • Tap the Access Point Names.
  • Click on ADD button displayed in the top right corner.
  • Tap the Name field displayed and entered the name as you desired.
  • Tap on APN and enter BSNL APN settings as “BSNLNET“
  • Click OK
  • Check all the BSNL Access point settings once as below
  • Select More at top right.
  • Tap the Save button.

After this, you will receive several settings on your handset viz. ‘bsnllive’, ‘bsnlstream’ etc. Just install, that’s it!
You can also reach BSNL Customer care at Toll-Free number – 1503 to get the internet settings.

What is the speed for BSNL APN settings?

The rate will differ according to the network connection at that time, where the network speeds are(1) If connected to GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), there is a maximum transfer rate of 50 kbit/s. In real-time it is 40 kbit/second.(2) If it connects with 4G,  like the signal LTE, the customer will get a minimum of 3.6Mbps and a maximum of 21.6Mbps.

BSNL Internet settings for iPhone or any Apple devices.

  1. Switch off your iPhone’s data and connect it with a remote WiFi connection.
  2. Launch the Safari web browser and visit this URL: www.unlock
  3. Now, move down and click on the “Create APN” option.
  4. Choose the “BSNL” option from the drop-down lists.
  5. At last, click on the “Create APN” option again.
  6. Now, you will be redirected to a new installation web page.
  7. Finally, click on the Install option to install the BSNL 4G APN Settings on your phone.
  8. Done.

Steps to get BSNL 2G/3G/4G GPRS settings.

You can ask for the BSNL GPRS settings by sending <manufacturer name> space <model name> of your handset to 58355 by SMS


BSNL has only one APN all over India now and its bsnlnet.APN is just to access the network,its doesn’t have any speed settings. you can boost your data speed by using the new BSNL GPRS settings code given in this post.If you are don’t know too much about smartphone internet setting. Then you read this article & you will easily get to know how to increase BSNL APN internet setting with 4G speedAfter Updated your apn then visit to check how your internet speed you can easily track  intternet speed , Download and Upload everything you can check from so after update visit and check your internet speed

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