How to Screen Record on iPhone in 2023

Hello Dear Readers in this post you will check about how to Screen Record with Audio on an iPhone & iPad How to Screen Record on iPhone in 2022: The Easiest Guide to Recording and Editing Your Screen Recordings. This article explains how to add the screen record option to the iPhone 12’s Control Center as well as how to start and stop screen recording.

How to Screen Record on iPhone in 2023

Here’s how to screen record on iPhone with the built-in screen recording tool, as well as some great third-party apps.

the screen record process doesn’t require much more than the push of a button. But before you can do that, you need to add the screen record option to your iPhone’s Control Center for easy access.

Enable the Screen Recording Tool

  1. Open Settings and select Control Center.
  2. Scroll down to More Controls and you should see Screen Recording.
  3. Tap the Plus icon and drag it to the top under the Included Controls header.

Start Your Screen Recording

  1. Open Control Center. On an iPhone X or later, swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen to do this. On earlier models, swipe up from the bottom of your screen.

  1. Tap the Screen Recording button and you’ll see a three-second countdown before your phone starts recording. This gives you time to get your screen ready. You can turn on Do Not Disturb to prevent popup notifications from interfering with the screen recording.
  2. If you want to capture audio while recording your screen, long-press the button and then tap the Microphone Off icon to turn it on. Once you turn the microphone on, it will capture audio the next time you record your screen unless you go back and turn it off.
  3. While recording, the bar or clock at the top of your screen will be red.

Stop Your Screen Recording

  1. you can tap the red clock or red bar at the top and confirm you want to end the recording by tapping Stop. Alternatively, you can tap the Screen Recording button in Control Center again.
  2. When you stop recording, you’ll see a notification that the screen recording has been saved to your Photos app. And voila! That’s how to record your screen.

Record It! Screen Recorder

Record it! Screen Recorder is another good option from the App Store. This app works almost identically to TechSmith Capture.

To start a recording, tap the red button and then select Start Broadcast on the next screen. Again, you can turn on the microphone if you would also like to record audio with your screen.

The clock or bar at the top of your screen will be red during recording. To end your recording, tap the red clock or bar and select Stop. You’ll see an alert that your screen recording was saved.

DU Recorder

This app works the same way for screen recordings as the two above. However, with DU Recorder, you start by tapping Record to Local Device if you want to save the recording to your Photos. Then tap Start Recording, select DU Recorder, and choose Start Broadcast.

You’ll be greeted with the red clock or bar at the top of your screen, just like the others. Tap the red clock or bar to stop your recording and then tap Stop to confirm. You’ll see a notification that your recording was saved to your Photos.

When you are ready to record your screen, swipe up to open the Control Center and press the Screen Recording button. If you want to include.


Why is there no sound when I record my iPhone screen?

If the Screen Recording is working but with no audio, you must have turned off the “Microphone Audio”.
Step 1: Go into the Control Centre and find the Screen Record icon.
Step 2: Press & hold on the Screen Recording button until you see a pop-up with Microphone audio option.

Is screen recording possible in iPhone?

Screen recording on your iPhone is simple, but your device is not automatically set up to record right out of the box. To turn on screen recording go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls. Scroll down and tap the plus icon next to Screen Recording.

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