How To Set Idea Caller Tunes Number

Hello Dear Readers in this post you will check out About How To Set Idea Caller Tunes Number, Just follow the below steps to activate or deactivate the caller tune service on your number.

want to set your idea caller tune, so you are in the right place. Here we discuss How to activate or deactivate idea caller tunes following the guidelines which are given in this post.

How To Set Idea Caller Tunes Number

This service will cost you some money that will be deducted on the monthly basis. Also, you can download the idea tunes app with which you can use set tune anywhere you want to.

Here is the step by step procedure

  • To set free Hello Tunes, you just need to download the Idea hello Tunes app. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

  • After downloading the app, open it and tap on the ‘Hello Tunes’ icon. You will find the icon on the top right side of the app’s window.
  • Idea customers can then search for their favorite songs and select desired Hello Tune.
  • Alternately users can play their favorite song and click on the Hello Tunes icon in the music player to set the song as their Hello Tune.
  • Confirm your Hello Tune on Idea hello Tunes app every 30 days to continue enjoying the free subscription.

Online Method:

  • Go to the Idea caller Tunes and find the song you want to set as a caller song on the Idea number.
  • Choose the song from the list, which you need to set as a caller song on your number.

  • Now pick the marked icon.
  • Enter & verify your mobile number.
  • Enter your Idea mobile number to get a password (OTP) for the tune.
  • Now pick your subscription as per your desire.

Idea Caller Tunes Through SMS:

To set Idea caller tunes please Dial this Number Call Now 56789

Idea Caller Tunes Through USSD Code:

To set Idea caller tunes USSD Code Dial Now *696#

SMS to 155223: If you want to deactivate your idea caller tune, then SMS Stop to 15223.

Call 155223: You can also call this number to deactivate your caller tune.

It’s possible to set Name Tones by phoning or SMS to 5678999 (toll-free).

How to Deactivate Caller tune in Idea:

  • Launch the Messaging app or Message option on your mobile phone.
  • Go to send New SMS and Type a message “STOP” and send it to 155223.
  • Then, You will receive a confirmation message from Idea officials stating Dialer Tone has been removed from your number.
  • Or you can simply call 155223. Or contact the Idea customer service executive by dialling 12345 from your Idea number and tell them to remove or Deactivate Dialer Tone from your number.
  • Done, you have successfully Deactivated/Removed Caller Tune from your Idea Number.

How To Set Idea Caller Tunes Number (FAQ):

How can I change my idea caller tune-free number?

  1. Launch the dialer app on your mobile phone.
  2. Now Dial *696# From Your Number on which you want to set hello tune.
  3. After Dialing the number, follow the USSD instruction.
  4. Select your Favourite Caller Tune played by IVR.
  5. Done, you have successfully activated caller tune on your Number.

How can I check my idea caller tune?

Dial *567# and follow the ussd instructions to activate the Vodafone Idea caller tune with the ussd method.

What is idea balance check number?

Using *199#

How can I find my Idea number?

Dial *1# on the Idea SIM for which you wish to know the mobile number.

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