How to Check IMEI Number of Any Android

IMEI is known for its full name (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity). It is a very important number of mobile for those cases when your mobile is lost or stolen by anybody. This number helps the Government Department to track your mobile current status. It’s a unique number for every smartphone and it can’t be the same for two mobiles.Check IMEI Number with  IMEI number check on Bill or Mobile Box

2. How to Check IMEI Number from mobile Settings

In order to check your mobile IMEI information manually on Android mobile phones. Just open your mobile settings and visit about the menu for all this information either you can follow the below steps to find it.

  • Step 1) Open your Android mobile Settings option.
  • Step 2) Now scroll down your setting option and tap on about option.
  • Step 3) When you will enter on about option, it will display a Status option.
  • Step 4) Now you can check your mobile IMEI number in the IMEI information option.

How To Check Your IMEI Number on Any Phone

1. How to Check IMEI Number with USSD Code

A very common and simple method that is used to check the system information is ussd code. It is very easy and helps to find almost every phone IMEI number. Just dial *#06# on your mobile dial pad, IMEI number will display on your mobile screen.

When you bought a new mobile from the retailer shop, the retailer provides you the mobile box and bill with the new product. you can check your mobile number on the box.

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