Priceline Flights Customer Care

Priceline Flights Customer Care, Just like all other online shopping sites, online entertainment, social websites and apps, and also other pragmatic websites, Priceline is one of the same. Is any customer is facing any problem with flights or reservations or purchases and ends up asking for refunds? Then the company allows them with their answering a few questions asked to the customers by the customer service.

Priceline Flights Customer Care
Priceline Flights Customer Care

Discounts are also available for full-time employees of Priceline that may enjoy medical and dental coverage, which is paid time off, which means apart from the regular salaries that they may receive. Annual bonus eligibility and travel agent discounts also available and they turn up to be a discount benefit to all customers who book or reserve their flight tickets or hotel rooms when they require a place during or before starting any trip.

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If you are calling Priceline Customer Care from us itself, then you need to contact Priceline at 1-887-477-5807, being the Priceline contact number, in other words, you can consider it as a customer support number if you wish to talk to a person. If you need to test them, then text at 33296. And if you are willing to chat with Priceline Customer service to resolve your problem, then you can Chat with Priceline!

Priceline Telephone Numbers
Priceline Toll Free Number (877) 477-7441
Priceline Number for residents of the United States 877-477-5807
Headquarters Contact Number (203) 299-8000
Other Residents Contact Number 800-774-23546
Priceline Fax Number 203-299-8948

Priceline Telephone Number for Internation Customers

If you are awestruck to find where is the full list of contact details for international companies worldwide then you are in the right section. You will find below a list of telephone service providers all over the world that may assist you in booking your flight tickets from

All number that starts with a “+” represent the international call numbers that are provided to you which will be then proceeded with the international calling access code for that particular country that you will be calling for these Priceline numbers.

North America United States 877-477-5807
Canada 877-477-5807
Mexico +52 18002833214
Europe / Middle East Austria +43 800 070854
Belgium +32 800 74 061
Czech Republic +1 203-220-6946
Germany +49 800 5052829
Denmark +45 80 83 10 36
Finland +358 800 912954
France +33 805 11 83 35
Greece +30 80016122031547
Hungary +1 203-220-6946
Ireland +1 203-220-6946
Israel +800 774 23546
Italy +39 800 669 780
Netherlands +31 800 0249689
Poland +48 12 881 32 98
Portugal +800 774 23546
Spain 34 900 983 240
Sweden +46 20 033 67 82
Switzerland +41 800 838 799
United Kingdom 020 7136 8462
Elsewhere from within Europe +44 20 7136 8462
Caribbean Antigua and Barbuda +1 203-220-6946
Bahamas 1-800-774-2354
Barbados +1 203-220-6946
Bermuda +1 203-220-6946
Cayman Islands +1 203-220-6946
Dominican Republic +1 203-220-6946
Grenada +1 203-220-6946
Jamaica +1 203-220-6946
Puerto Rico +1 203-220-6946
St. Kitts and Nevis +1 203-220-6946
St Lucia +1 203-220-6946
Turks and Caicos Islands +1 203-220-6946
Trinidad and Tobago +1 203-220-6946
British Virgin Islands +1 203-220-6946
US Virgin Islands +1 203-220-6946
Asia Pacific Australia +1 203-220-6946
China +1 203-220-6946
Guam +1 203-220-6946
Guam +1 203-220-6946
Japan +1 203-220-6946
Republic of Korea +1 203-220-6946
New Zealand +1 203-220-6946
Philippines +1 203-220-6946
Singapore +1 203-220-6946
Thailand +1 203-220-6946
Taiwan +1 203-220-6946
Central / South America Argentina +1 203-220-6946
Brazil +1 203-220-6946
Any Other Place +1 203-220-6946

Priceline on Social Media

Some of us feel it safe to text on social media being the Priceline customer Service Chat. As the world is developing technologically, this is making a change in our mentality too. Customers with a vast number of youngsters will opt for social media services. Here we come with our websites for you to follow so that you don’t miss any information provided by us as well as you can easily choose on chatting with us without having any difficulty in finding other websites now. Priceline Flights Customer Care

For our official Twitter handle,

For our official Facebook ID,

For Live chats,


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